It will all snowball I guarantee it

In between periods of steady work when all is golden and you can do no wrong, there will always be lows. When nothing clicks. When everything just kinda sucks. When anything you do has some uncomfortable barrier of resistance. You won’t get the content you need, the process will seemingly fall apart, people won’t get the wireframes, or the designs will not be liked. Sometimes this will happen all at the same time. Then approval will get reversed and that project that didn’t come in will all-of-a-sudden need to be done faster than you originally thought. (Can you still make it happen?) That client still hasn’t paid you and now it’s tax time. The budget will get whittled down and then whittled some more. All the while more features will try to be snuck in for this and for that. Computer on the fritz! (Silence, silence.) You’re tired and frustrated and then, voila! It all starts to come together. It all moves in the right direction. It all feels right. And this is why you do what you do. For the thrill of it all. Aren’t you glad you stuck it out?