Happy Pinning!

Pinterest is an odd beast. It is a lovely platform but it’s still low on my list of social networks to put time into, whether personally or for clients. I have started using it again periodically with a focus on it being a resource for JKDC. In my mind, Pinterest was really amazing in the beginning when mostly beautiful things were pinned to it. And then as it got more popular, it suffered overall as uninspiring brands and people without taste uploaded things that weren’t beautiful or just didn’t fit the overall platform vibe. Now, aside from adding my own inspiration when it comes to design, web, music, film, and books, it has been handy to catalog mood boards for client projects. And I even have a design portfolio section. (Oh dear God, not more portfolio pushing!) It seems like a good use of a board—to have a solid set of beautiful pins of my favorite work. Sort of like Dribbble, but more for the masses. Anyway, yeah, Pinterest. A thing again for me. Happily pinning over this way »