Here’s what I believe

I believe in the power of color, type, image, and composition. I believe vinyl does sound better. I believe James Victore is on to something. I believe old houses are better than new ones, they just take more patience. I’m starting to believe in the power of a good podcast (see here and here). I believe every group needs a Portlandia so everyone can just chill the fuck out. I believe single-issue voters need to learn to multitask. I believe in Twitter. I believe in beer slightly more than whiskey and I believe in whiskey slightly more than tequila. I believe in the sound of waves crashing against the shore. I believe love is love. I believe small is beautiful. I believe dogs are the greatest and that cities are the answer. I believe Hillary will do a great job, American football is overrated, flip-flops are the perfect shoe, and at the end of the day, “Yes We Can.”

I’m Justin Kemerling. And that’s what I believeSidenote: I like the Bill Simmons promo, though I have yet to watch his show on HBO.