A really good thing about going out on my own

I make the decisions. There’s no excuses for those. I can’t blame anybody else. I take accountability for the good and the bad and I proceed accordingly. If I take on a project that ends up not being a good fit, those decisions are my decisions. I live with them, and I adjust.

The creative industry, I think in general, is a sensitive industry. It imagines, creates, believes, and strives for always doing better. But it also can take things too personally. It can whine too much. It can want things to be perfect when they just aren’t. And it can deflect blame. It was the client, or the budget, or the timeline. Nope. Bullshit, bulltshit, and bullshit. At least, it is when you work for yourself.

When you do that, you better work out who you work with for how much and in what amount of time. Those are all your decisions. You collaborate, but at any time, you can say no. And if you don’t, then you better be ready to see it through. No stop-shorts or cop-outs. It’s on, all the way to the end.

Doing that makes you a better designer and a better problem solver. The world definitely needs more of those. It needs less whiners, bitchers, and jerks. Decide where you stand and then act accordingly.