Extreme Media

By utilizing mass media, America has created a most impressive engine of economic growth by way of an army of consumers ready to buy their way to happiness. Sales, bargains, and upgrades for all!

Advertising is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any message maker. So it should come as no surprise the use of mass media by extreme voices in the far right would lead to a radicalized portion of the American citizenry who are constantly exposed to such messages. Whether it’s cable television (FOX News), social media (Facebook), or dark places of the Internet (Breitbart), when the reinforcing message heard everyday is to be afraid, that has dire consequences. It not only leads to terrible debate full of conspiracy theories and outright lies, it can also lead to violence.

Media is powerful. Media shapes us. We need to look at media as engaged citizens with critical thought and due diligence. That’s a must. Otherwise, there’s no telling what we’ll be convinced of. That we need a new LED flat screen, or a caravan of criminals and terrorists is frantically scaling our walls. That a fragrance is the key to sexual fulfillment, or our only recourse to save the republic is to turn to violence.

Open your eyes America, before it’s too late.