Don’t Get Fooled

The last month of Q4 is always a good time to assess the year. To take note of successes and failures. And if applicable, celebrate important milestones and reflect on formative regrets. One milestone this year would be Willie Nelson rocking Neligh, Nebraska in the T-shirt I designed. Stoked on that for sure. One regret would be the realization that I’d been had. Being fooled is no fun, but this particular time it turned out to be an incredibly motivating experience. It led to refocused energy and new priorities where, in the end, I was loads happier and way more fulfilled with the work I was doing. There’s certainly still regret looking back, as I never like wasted efforts. But now I do have more healthy skepticism when it comes to what people/things say they do. Which helps keep ideas grounded in reality and usually means more successes for everyone involved.