Problem Solution

Working independently can be isolating and repetitive, leading to stale, uninspired ideas. Working from home can come with a lack of motivation and moments of distraction. Potential projects may not happen because they are outside of the typical skill set or not enough time can be committed due to a current workload. A dedicated space where a group of committed makers can come together and work alongside each other. This comes with a mutual participation in the everyday activity of creative work. Being in an inspired space is key for creative expression. There’s the potential to share ideas, gain outside insight, and partner on projects together.


Inspired creation left and right is a fleeting thing. Longevity in the process is harder. Practicing certainly helps the conditioning of the mind to body making relationship. It can be kindred spirits to athletics, while mentally guiding the physical to reach an outcome but knowing that how you get there is really more important.

Introducing ROTATOR

This is an idea that has been worked on here and there for about a year and half. In practice, there have been two volumes and the core of what ROTATOR could be aligns well with our new coworking space. So now seems a fairly appropriate time to send it out into the world as a real life thing in some sort of official capacity. The matter-of-fact, slightly punk rock version has been published on Medium with a dedicated website coming your way in the next couple months. Being a designer in these modern times, I see it as a natural evolution of a career that ultimately just wants to make interesting things with interesting people.

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Talk about this without talking about this. See where this could go. Look at it from the other side of the room. And up side down. Try to look at it while not being in the room. Imagine it without the confines of physicality. It doesn’t have to be where it’s at. It can be somewhere else. It is okay if it’s something. It is okay if it’s nothing. Let’s call it Removed Assessment in Objective Notation.


Meet in the midway, trip over the mess. When the efficiency machine in us takes over, the hum at which creation happens can be quite mechanical. Like a thresher, but made in the tech age. It processes out the nonsense, hones in on the acceptable, pushes some limits, and ultimately resolves itself into deliverables in monetary terms. When the efficiency machine takes over, what’s left can sometimes be almost zero. What happens when the efficiency machine is doused with kerosene and set on fire in the front yard? After the burn, there’d be debris. No harvest, but debris.