Budgets, Spectrum

I sometimes design on pretty lean budgets. It’s part of the challenge for a lot of activism and community-focused work. I like making a project doable on a spectrum of doing good and making a living. With a lot of my client relationships, the idea of working toward the same idealistic goals cuts out a lot of process pain points that increase time and thus increase cost. They do what they do, and they let me do what I do. When this happens, projects that may seem too costly become possible because they don’t get bogged down in rounds and rounds of revision. But on the business side, JKDC needs to make money doing work otherwise there will be no more JKDC. Hence, very hands-on, “design by committee” processes equal standard design rates. This way I keep my work time focused on work, my collaboration time focused on projects and my not-working time not thinking about work.