I didn’t want to have a boss and I didn’t want to be a boss

6 years ago. Long time. A lot happens in 6 years. Presidents are elected. Students graduate. Startups sell/fail. Books are written. Cities feel more like home. Friends move away and some come back. Things you thought would be something aren’t and other things you didn’t think would make it become quite notable. 

6 years. That’s how long it’s been, grinding away at this independent designer game. When it began, I had no real plans for longevity. I just sort of started, and luckily, it keeps going strong. I wasn’t sure how long it would stick, if the work would keep coming in, or if I’d continue to enjoy independence given all its challenges and short comings. The only thing I knew at the time way back in 2010, after 7+ years of agency design life, was that I no longer wanted a boss and I sure didn’t want to be a boss. I mean, c’mon, we all know there’s only 1 Boss anyway.

At this point, I do know I’m certainly looking forward to another year. More Round & Round, more Action Backed, more Omaha. All very enjoyable in their own right. After another year, who knows. I’ve never been able to plan too far out. I’m more of a 6–12 months kinda guy. As long as the work is inspiring, challenging, and continues to do some good, I’ll probably keep at it. Design/Activism/Collaboration has its benefits. To keep a better work/life balance, I’ll probably just take more vacations. And try to hit that 30-hour work week goal. 

6 years. Worth celebrating. If you don’t celebrate life’s little milestones, what’s the point. So tonight, I’ll be sure to toast to all the independent folks out there who keep kickin’ the tires and lighten’ the fires. Those who keep grinding away and making it happen in their own unique ways. It takes a special kind of stubborn, with the right balance of humor, perseverance, and zest.