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Tiperosity is a tip-sharing community for smarter living. It’s where helpful people share what they know to help make every day life a little bit better. At least, that’s how the people behind the idea see things. 

As one of those people, I’m really proud of the product we’ve built over the last year. Led by Nathan Preheim with the dev guys from Human Shapes, it’s been a focused side project that has come together well. A solid product of 7,000+ tips, 20,000+ Twitter followers across all accounts, and some great content continues to be added to our Tip Lists feature.  

Product aside, I’ve been very pleased with the process we’ve used to get to this point. We established a clearly defined product road map and then we just started designing and building. We utilized a milestone-based approach so we could easily reprioritize to solve issues or create features we hadn’t originally planned for. From requirements to design to development, there’s always been lots of back and forth with each feature being very team-created. And since this isn’t our full-time gig, we’re able to do only the work we think is really needed. We aren’t trying to fill time or find things to “fix” because we have a bunch of money to spend. Instead, we’re very scrappy and that keeps us highly efficient.

High level, in the mix of projects that can be going on at any given time; client work, community involvement, or artistic experiments, I feel it’s key to have a startup partnership included. The time percentages can be a little tricky, but working on a focused product requires a unique kind of thinking. It’s become the space to hone objective ideation skills and try to get better at recognizing what long-term success looks like from the vantage point of very early stages.

What long-term success looks like, we have some ideas on that. Though with any startup, there is a lot of steady uncertainty. For the time being, you can expect interesting lists on a variety of topics to go with our beautiful bits of wisdom. And if you’re so inclined, create an account to start adding your helpful tips to the site. Enjoy!

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