44 Posters

Brought to you by AIGA Nebraska with all proceeds to benefit Nebraska Appleseed. For one night only, 44 posters will be on display to remind us that it just takes one person to say no to discrimination, oppression, and indifference. A huge thanks to the participating designers: Rachel Boshart, Adam Casey, Liz White, Donovan Beery, Katie Condon, Aaron Stubbe, Anthony Banks, Cate White, Jesse Harding, Ellen Wilde, Matt Carlson, Miranda Bouck, Nicholas Peterson, Josh Schwieger, Ben Lueders, Carrie Ratcliff, Dave Markes, Jeremie Memming, Liz Hunt, Craig Hughes, Steve Gordan, Eric Nyffeler, J. Curtis Rawlings, Nicholas Burroughs, Tyson Reeder, Megan Merry, Drew Davies, Adam Torpin, Joe Sparano, Kelsey Janda, Cathy Solarana, Paul Berkbigler, Peter Morris, Jake Welchert, Ella Durham, and Sam Rapien.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 7:00pm
Bancroft Street Market in South Omaha