A new portfolio site. A little for you, a little for me.

Mark this day as the official launch of the new Justin Kemerling Design Co portfolio site. What’s new you ask? An updated Work section for one. Each project is beautifully displayed in a single column without any distraction. And there’s a new Words section. A blog for me to post my thoughts on design and collaboration. You can, of course, still “meet me,” get a sense for the Midwest and connect in a host of ways.

Why did I spend time on a new site when there’s so much going on with clients and projects? 1) To celebrate the work in a more showcased format, front and center. This aligns philosophically with how I think the Web should be. 2) A place for writing. I’m at a point where I’m less head down, work-work-work. I’m thinking more about the why, the how, the who for. And I want to share those thoughts, with bigger, better typography. 3) This is just a Squarespace template. But it does feel like an online home. A timeline of the career I’m trying to build.

Newer projects appear at the top of the Work section. Scroll down to chronologically see the variety of projects over the years. Some super solid, some just sort of ’eh, but all fit together into a design point-of-view I’m continuing to hone.

This new site is for you, if you’re looking for a designer with a particular set of skills. But it’s also for me. So I can see where I’ve been and inform where I want to go.

Welcome to JKDC. It’s design, it’s activism and it’s collaboration. Enjoy your visit. Any questions, hit me up.