Will we shift from the service of war to the service of life?

We must. Otherwise that’s it. All there is. Over. And in order to move from war to life, we must first realize that a shift is even possible. That our histories do not continue to simply converge into violence with nothing to be done about it. We can do something. We can make this shift. But we first must collectively say, “Yes, we will.” A rising up of one voice in unison that will break this war cycle from the hands of the powerful few. A people’s decision. A people’s action. A people’s will. A movement that grows, pulses outward across boundary, class, race, religion, sect, tribe. And shatters the idea of a political party. A movement whose voice resonates so loudly that the unpopularity of the war cycle will simple fade away into memory — a way we used to live, a way that we will courageously push out of our will — as we realize there are far better things to do with our wisdom, understanding and resources.