In the future, how will we communicate?

Locally, globally, and everything in between. On every level we will embrace new technologies. And at every turn we will continue to hone the fundamental principles essential to the sharing of ideas. Mass movements for change in the future will be about the ideas we can successfully communicate. Those movements will utilize a vast array of tools and resources with the central focus being a tolerant and engaged populace, at the heart of the dialogue where all ideas can be shared. As technology will continue to make us marvel and want to participate, we will make the human factor even more prevalent, whether right next door, in another state or across the world. With increasing levels of connectivity covering any space between people and ideas, we will be conscious of making sure that everyone is present who wants to be, recognizing the value of diverse thought and united action. No one will be voiceless. If you want to speak, you will be heard. A certain closeness will come with this total communication of the future as it becomes increasingly more meaningful and more crucial to the idea of democracy, from local to global. Ideas will be shared, people will be moved, and we will confront the most pressing issues of our times.