Poster: Climate Change Is Here

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not in a hopeful mood these days. I’m not in for sending thoughts and prayers. I know there are better equipped individuals out there who are more than willing to send such things. Instead, I’m more concerned with truth-telling. And given America these days, I’m more than comfortable being in such a place.

Let’s start with the world’s most powerful Twitter weatherman. Simply astonished at how crazy all this weather is! I do NOT give Trump any credit in any of this madness. Nope. None. And his actions regarding Puerto Rico were disgusting. 

Climate change is a hoax started by the Chinese? Climate change gets scrubbed from government websites? Government scientists no longer can speak of such things? Really? Well, then we have a big problem, don’t we? Just look at what the EPA is doing under a bunch of anti-science crony capitalists. It’s absolutely appalling.

This poster is about how climate change is here. Picturesque ocean settings be damned. We are living in a period of climate change and upheaval. Hurricane after hurricane after hurricane. All made worse by our human excesses. 

I believe science. I believe truth. I believe climate change is upon us. Plenty of others are speaking on how America has really come together in this time of national crisis. And I think that is absolutely amazing. To the people out there, my thoughts and prayers go out to a higher power to instill in us the ability to not just move on in a month or two.

But for the purposes of this poster, this is to the governments out there. Or perhaps, just ours. Wake the fuck up you smug, know-nothing assholes. The future is now, and if we’re going to survive in it, then we better start acting accordingly.

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Vertical Dundee

Renovated Dundee Theater goes back to its roots with new sign

It’s all starting to come together. Now, as you drive along Dodge Street, just before you get to 50th Street, you’ll be greeted with a big, beautiful sign that vertically reads “DUNDEE.” A marker for the community on the facade of the newly renovated theater slotted to open later this year. Check out the article from the Omaha World-Herald. I have a couple quotes in there.

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Make design accessible and relatable

This was my response to the question: how will you make Omaha a better place? Asked on the spot and then needing to sharpie it on a piece of paper, I thought frantically about the work I’ve done in this city and where this design career might be heading next. Accessible and relatedly. There you have it.

Poster: Trump/Fool

An urgent, hasty, sketchy mess of a design. Scribbled over and over. Repetition you can feel. A whirlwind of speed to let you know I think this is just enough. This is all that needs to be shown. 

The point can stop here. With the mess of hair, the piercing eye slots, that cavernous mouth. Spewing forth chewed up words of lies and nonsense. Spitting on you. Spitting on me. With a simple 1-word association: FOOL. Trump as the fool, the court jester, that laughing stock that wasn’t taken  all that seriously until now he is. He fooled you, he fooled me, he fooled us all. Now with his Tweets of distraction intended to continue to fool us. To keep us from watching what’s really going on. He wants to fool us away from truth and away from each other. Divide. Confuse. Numb. He the greatest fool of our generation. Created to fool. With his fury unleashed at the top of the heap. We need to stay vigilant and we can no longer remain on the fooled end of a fool’s errand to the insulting of the highest office in the land.

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50 States: Nebraska

I was recently interviewed by The Creative Chair for the 50 States project. Talkin’ design, activism, collaboration, and reincarnation.

Work Hard. Make This Place Better.

The great state of Nebraska is in the middle of flyover country America. Not a place known for high-quality design, booming creative industries, or interesting cultural forces. Which is what makes trying to build a very focused design practice so interesting.

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I like rules, I love exceptions

Hence, I like/love design. Sometimes both at once. It’s all about emphasis and timing. Put together a masterful set of rules, guidelines, frameworks, and boundaries. But always be on the lookout for when breaking those makes the most sense. When you find just the right time to strike, then go ahead and break those rules, guidelines, frameworks, and boundaries. When it comes to design, the work will be better for it.