Brand Assessment Scale

Now offering brand assessment services on a scale:

  1. Quite Wonderful
  2. Super Solid
  3. Appropriate
  4. It’s OK
  5. Falls Flat
  6. Hmmmmmmmmm
  7. Not Even Average
  8. Um, We’ll Get Back To You
  9. Maybe As An Album Cover
  10. Your Cousin Do This?
  11. We will tell you it’s tremendous while winking

The dusting off of political graphic design

Week 4 Update: Backwards appears to be the course for America, at least for now. While resistance on the left grows and the movement to stand up to this administration strengthens, the battle to inform, inspire, persuade, and motivate will only get more intense. It will be important that progress continues to speak truth to power just like it always has. Old is new again and these posters will keep doing what they originally intended — to give power to whoever posts them.

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On Creativity

Where do you find yourself wandering in the pitch black? Where do you go when confronted with a blank white whatever? Where is that place you reach into and summon something you can call a brilliant magnificent new way of being? What keeps you up in the still night? What makes you uncomfortable enough to keep looking? What is the thing that you just can’t let go of? Why is there a pang in your chest when you’re sitting still? Agitated? Yes. Jittery? Yes. Unsettled? Yes. Why must you insist on pushing through when you clearly do not have to? [ ... ]

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It’s been sort of a long time since I’ve made a political poster. Too long. Now in 2017, here’s the first of the resistance age:

An urgent, hasty, sketchy mess of a design. Scribbled over and over. Repetition you can feel. A whirlwind of speed to let you know I think this is just enough. This is all that needs to be shown. The point can stop here. With the mess of hair, the piercing eye slots, that cavernous mouth. Spewing forth chewed up words of lies and nonsense. Spitting on you. Spitting on me. With a simple 1-word association: FOOL.

Trump as the fool, the court jester, that laughing stock that wasn’t taken all that seriously until now he is. He fooled you, he fooled me, he fooled us all. Now with his endless Tweets of distraction intended to continue to fool us. To keep us from watching what’s really going on. He wants to fool us away from truth and away from each other. Divide. Confuse. Numb. He’s the greatest fool of our generation. Created to fool. With his fury unleashed at the top of the heap. We need to stay vigilant and we can no longer remain on the fooled end of a fool’s errand to the insulting of the highest office in the land.

First Things Next

We propose a reversal of priorities in favour of more useful, lasting and democratic forms of communication — a mindshift away from product marketing and toward the exploration and production of a new kind of meaning. 

— From the Design Manifesto First Things First 2000.

An incomplete and diverse list of “socially engaged designers” was recently published by Kevin Lo of LOKI Design within the frame of this manifesto. An inspiring document to be sure. And the list of designers and studios put together here is certainly impressive. Barnbook Design. Hyperakt. Justseeds. Firebelly. Just to name a few. I’m even included on this list. All in one place, this incomplete list of varied approaches to social change through design is something to bookmark and come back to. 

Young Response

Part of my response to a question about war from a 2007 interview for a design job:

A movement whose voice resonates so loudly that the unpopularity of the war cycle will simply fade away into memory — a way we used to live, a way that we will courageously push out of our will — as we realize there are far better things to do with our wisdom, understanding and resources.

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