Hustle, Scratch That

Rather, be thoughtful. Be open-minded. Be intentional. Hustle obscures the question of quality and overall effectiveness. It can answer questions like Is this any good? with Does it matter? Because I’m too busy hustlin’! 

Which is very unfortunate.

Design for the craft. For the problem/solution. For the opportunity. Not for the hustle. Not for the piling on of more and more design that’s rushed and hurried along. Not for the sheer movement of it all. Instead, design to be firmly planted in the process of making, which is where the beauty happens.

Why on Earth, in this short time that we have here, would you want to rush that?

The Museum of Alternative History: Redux

A selection of the fittest explanations for the nature of the world and universe, and alternate histories contrary to … well … history.

The inaugural exhibition opened on May 11th, 2013. Its 2nd coming is scheduled for Summer 2018. Curated by the one and only Tim Guthrie, this next exhibition is sure to be mind-bending, thought-provoking, agitating, and unusually weird. Given where America is at these days, in the age of alternative facts and blatant lies from the highest office in the land, The Museum of Alternative History will find itself right at home. And for museum goers in search of truth, maybe you’ll find some of that, maybe you won’t. Either way, probably best to leave your beliefs at home. 

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I’ve just discovered Podcasts

In a regular listener type of way. I have my group of Podcasts I’ve now come to rely on for news, thinking, and joy. Late to the game, but whatever. Here’s my current list of favorites:

Haven’t got into Lovett or Leave It yet. Maybe sometime soon. And full disclosure. I did listen to and was way into Serial Series 1. 

Make Change Where You’re At

In a time of much tumult, it’s a breath of fresh air to see people boldly marching toward a future that’s better for everyone. Whether with community organizing, grassroots activism, or running for local office. In one particular instance, we just helped Megan Hunt launch her campaign for Nebraska Legislature. She’s an entrepreneur and activist, small business owner and mother. And she’s an overall great person with a passion for making things better. I’m very excited to see how her campaign unfolds as we move toward 2018. If you want to support Megan, contribute here. If you’re going to run for local office and need some branding, hit me up.

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What were you wrong about?

I didn’t think Barack Obama would be elected president because I thought America, at that time, was too racist. I didn’t think Donald Trump would be elected president because I thought America, at that time, wasn’t down with a bigot, misogynist, and liar for the highest office in the land. I also didn’t think I’d ever stop buying Compact Discs. 

I’m getting way into Chuck Klosterman. Currently reading But What If We’re Wrong? And subsequently thinking about all the stuff I’ve been wrong about in my life. From political predictions to musical delivery mechanisms. Maybe I’ll post more about such things. Or not. Hard to say, as I’m not really into make predictions at this time.