Expand Medicaid with No Delay

The citizens of this state voted to expand Medicaid so that more than 90,000 of our friends and neighbors could have access to health care. We did that. We voted for it. Now it’s time for our elected officials to implement the will of the votes. With no delay. The fact that this is an issue now, and the governor is dragging his feet, is a disgrace. The voters deserve better. Our democracy deserves better than the Republican Party.

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There Is No Image

Sent to me via text by a good friend last Tuesday, February 19th:

I want to utter you, I want to portray you, not with lapis or gold, but with colors made of apple bark. There is no image I could invent that your presence would not eclipse.

Rainer Maria Rilke

We Have The Land

Bold visionary and hardworking Nebraskan Jane Kleeb has a new book coming out. It’s called We Have The Land and it sounds perfect for this moment. It will show the importance of rural voters to progressive politics, and of progressive politics to rural voters, partly by focusing on issues like climate change, healthcare, and grassroots powered activism. If you have a story to tell, head on over to the book’s website. For more on the book, there’s coverage in the Lincoln Journal Star.

And be sure to check out the Pipeline Fighters campaign for the design side of 7+ years of grassroots activist.


And we’re back! The first Design Alliance Omaha event of 2019 is a partnership with Film Streams. We’re showing a new documentary by Gary Hustwit about Dieter Rams, one of the most influential designers alive. The film is a rumination on consumerism, sustainability, and the future of design. 

Rams is also revered for his “Ten Principles for Good Design,” a list of edicts that champion simplicity, honesty, and restraint. The first fifty RAMS attendees who pre-purchase tickets online will receive a poster illustrating those principles. View the poster here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 @ 7 pm
Film Streams Ruth Sokolof Theater

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A vibrant community needs a strong foundation

I’m very happy to announce the launch of the new Omaha Community Foundation website. A fantastic organization deeply rooted in the community, committed to understanding its challenges and opportunities so we can make strategic investments in a future where everyone can thrive.

The site is designed to speak to several difference audiences, to connect the big vision with the day-to-day, and to highlight this community, which we all love, in a very people-centered way. To build the brand, to function across an ever-changing web environment, and to be easily managed by a communications team who doesn’t need to waste time worrying about technology.

Quite proud of the project and the team that made it possible, including Daphne Eck on strategy and writing with web development by Plumb. Photography by Adam Casey, iconography by Andrea Trew.

Good grows here, in the Omaha metro. The Foundation helps make the good as impactful as it can be.

Graphic design in these absurd times

Whether standing up for women’s rights, for truth, or for the need for the nation’s kids to feel safe from gun violence when they go to school, there is no shortage of issues that need our attention.

In that 2018 setting, I took on a packed schedule of work, projects, writing, and collaborations. What follows are the projects outside of client work designed to move the needle, in whatever small way. Because it all adds up.

So Choice

This year’s SHOW featured the best graphic design work in the state. Designers entered, they were judged by three tough critics, and if lucky, they won an award or two. JKDC won three this year. One being the highly-coveted Judge’s Choice, awarded by Lakota graphic designer and advocate Sadie Red Wing.

Many thanks to AIGA Nebraska for putting on another great event. They always do such a nice job.

See you next year!

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