You can travel back in time, but only to ...

... see a concert you’re bummed you missed.

I’m thinking soon there will be a special time travel company using really great tech developed for military purposes but will be able to benefit concert enthusiasts.

It’s the not-too-distant future. Technological advances are coming online at an amazing speed. People are astounded. You thought the internet was a breakthrough. Now we’re talking time travel.

But since the tech is new, the various use cases ready for use are really focused. Similar to the new world of startups. We’ve seen this before. You know, looking at all the startup tech companies, they all look like this:

  • a book, but online

  • a library, but online

  • a newspaper, but online

  • a walkman, but online

  • a video store, but online

  • a grocery store, but online

  • a bank, but online

  • a taxi service, but online

  • and on and on and on

In the future, time travel will be the same way. At first it will be time travel for X and only X, with other companies created to use the same underlying tech but for this X and that X.

Over the course of several years, companies will compete on the same fundamental technological base and focus in on some niche for some audience, for some specific pay off. Eventually, time travel will be everywhere and always. Just like this whole internet thing.

Sadly, I doubt I’ll be alive to see it. I really want to see The Clash at Shea or Rage at Finsbury Park or Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival. Oh well.

I just randomly picked concerts to attend because I really like live shows. I doubt murder would be a service at first, even if it was baby Hitler. It has to be really specific and has to be unable to alter future events. No Back to the Future 2s, please.