Where’s your element?

That place where you’re at your best. Your wheelhouse. The zone. Where you really feel it. And it all comes together for you. When I was a kid, I’d travel with my dad in the semi as he drove truck across America. I noticed something different about him when he was behind the wheel. I now understand that he was in his element out there living the dream of the open road, working hard for a living, in command of his destiny. I’ve seen this with many creatives in different situations—selling it in a client presentation, humming along behind the computer, commanding the elements on a photoshoot, or standing over a sketch pad ordering ideas into existence. It’s really a magical thing to behold.

Every creative has a place where they’re in their element. It’s impossible to be there all the time, but it’s key to know where that special place is so you can call on it when it needs to be called on and you can get there when you really need to deliver the goods.