When. It’s. Over.

Lessons Learned Via The Postmortem

When a project wraps, especially bigger ones, it’s important to give it an honest assessment. Look back on what went down and how that jives with what was expected at the outset. Did the budget hold, was the timeline adequate, were expectations met, and did opportunities get seized. There’s so much optimism when a project kicks off but it’s almost impossible for it to go 100% smooth. Just not how life works. You can always learn from what went wrong. You know, make lemonade outta those lemons.

  • Example #1: A loose branding process ends up directionless and frustrating. Better establish a consistent process that works for you and is always adhered to, in all cases, always.
  • Example #2: The website scope gets creeped on and then creeped on some more. Next time you better be a stickler for the features agreed upon in the beginning. Make it clear there will be no additional features without having to then increase the budget. 
  • Example #3: A website feature in the initial requirements is built but after launch isn’t used. Get better at discussing what features entail, how they work, and what’s required to make sure they’re effective after launched. 
  • Example #4: You just aren’t able to give a client what he/she wants. Best to become a mind-reader.

These are just a few. You get the idea. The design process is fluid. It isn’t perfect. But more often than not, when it’s respected, it delivers. And it can always be improved upon. Keep at it and keep fighting the good fight.