What will be different next year?

In a year with much learning, adjusting, and charging full speed ahead, at some point it will be good to look at what worked this year and what didn’t. And what to do differently in 2017. Before getting too deep, because at the moment, there are just too many deadlines to hit, here’s a running tally of things I’ve been thinking about lately as it relates to work:

  • Project Management Percentage Fees
  • Will I work with your dev team?
  • Which side projects do I want to sink my teeth into?
  • Quarterly Mandatory Vacations
  • Try not to be too booked up
  • Get better at pushing back on scope creep
  • Be even more selective with the projects taken on
  • Experimental Research Time (weekly)

These items, I think, as of now, are good things to set in motion or give a lot more thought to. All in the name of making the work better without having to feel pushed to the edges.

And in light of recent election events, only taking on projects that are change making or community building. Now, more than ever, we can’t afford to waste any time. We have to make sure we protect the progress we’ve made for so many people in the last 8 years and we can’t allow America to fall backwards toward division, racism, hate, and closed-mindedness. The environment will also be in dire need of extra attention. We’re all Pipeline Fighters now.