Urgent Deadline Fatigue

This business has urgent deadlines coming out of its ears. I have to admit, I do love them. A new exciting project comes knocking at your door and the rush can be quite exhilarating. Can you do it? Can your team lay down a process, rise to the occasion, and launch this thing sooner than anyone thinks possible? Are you up for the challenge? Over the years, we’ve been able to make some pretty crazy deadlines, especially w/ Action Backed. But there is a limit.

At this point in time, I have big time Urgent Deadline Fatigue. When you have UDF, the work just doesn’t taste as sweet. The challenge is more of a nuisance. And the process not all that enjoyable because you start to resent the fact you were invited into the madness in the first place.

To counter that, I’ve said no to more stuff. A few instances that I still might be regretting. But alas, I’ve learned to push my creative output only so far. Beyond a certain point it’s just not a good idea. The end results tend to be uninspired, and that’s no good for anyone. 

If it’s no this time, it’s not you, it’s me. Of course, if you have a project with a normal timeline, well, let’s talk for sure.