In general, in work settings, I don’t like urgency. It’s misleading, the source of unneeded stress and can lead to subpar results. There are two types of urgency and I’m talking about the first kind. The false kind. There is the honest-to-goodness kind that can lead to some amazing work when your back is against the wall and everything is humming along at a good clip. For any number of reasons, some urgency is real. But the kind that isn’t, that’s something I’d like to eradicate from my process. The kind that comes with deadlines on a Friday afternoon, frantic micro check-ins at every turn or the due date that ends up not being such a big deal after all. I’ve always loved the idea of a steady state economy. So I’m going to try to be a little more intentional about crafting a consistent, steady state design process. Should be an interesting challenge.