Three powerful, little words

The “I Voted Today” project is an Action Backed collaboration. We brought in Uphill Downhill to do the animation and have been sharing far and wide to get people excited about voting in the upcoming midterms. We just published the story behind the project on Medium.

Philosophically, with our design and development work, we want to move forward issues and causes important to the world changes out there. We want to create small, design-centric projects that are engaging and concise. No bloated features that are hardly ever used. No forced conformity. No huge amounts of text, text and more text. No “old Internet” distraction, clutter or unrelated sliding messages.

We believe in focused design, beautiful content, fast performance and connected experiences meant to build momentum. This was the driving force behind the creation of “I Voted Today.” After launch, we can confidently say this project represents those views. Now let’s break things down.

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