Things I wish I wouldn’t have said

These statements, in general, aren’t always things I wish I wouldn’t have said, but they can certainly be reoccurring:

  1. Yes, we can come down on the budget.
  2. Sure, I can work with your dev team.
  3. No, we’re not too busy for your project.
  4. Of course, I can get this back to you by the end of the week.

Mainly what I think is at work here is my sense of optimism. Perhaps it’s over-confidence. Maybe too much excitement. The idea of what’s possible can be so intoxicating that there are times I fail to see the downside. Sometimes that’s not a huge deal. Other times, it’s the reason the train comes off the rails.

I often assume ideal outcomes, smooth sailing, and the best in people. It’s not that there are evil forces at work when these things don’t prove to be true, it’s just that working on creative projects is tough business. Making things happens isn’t easy. Solving problems and working through challenges with teams of different types of people shouldn’t be assumed to come with no bumps in the road.

So why do I often assume a bump-free road? Because when you’ve been lucky enough to have some really synergistic experiences on projects (I hate the word synergy, but there it is), that’s all you really want moving forward. 

I want projects to be done before the deadline, to come in right on budget, and for everything to sail along with plenty of hugs and high fives at every point along the way. I know, I know, such a fantasy. But where would the world be without dreamers, hey?