The Importance of Content Population

The reason someone would design and develop a website is for the content he/she wants to share with the world wide web. Hence, the content is pretty important. The most important one might say. 

There has been lots written about content-first web design. It’s a neat concept and one that produces excellent end results. But it’s most of the time a luxury. When we do projects, sometimes we just don’t have it. We have enough to design and develop, but it’s hardly ever been a complete picture.

In our age of web design and development, much has been made about the need for designers to also know how to code. 

Should designers also code? is a question that doesn’t interest me at all. I don’t, and I’m over it. However, should designers also write? is a resounding yes and makes all the difference. Design and writing are more intertwined in my mind than design and coding.