Tech Fatigue, Tired of Tech

Yes, I have nagging feelings of technology overload. And two-factor authentication. Password resets. Fear of identity theft. Is your data plan enough to keep you from accidentally using a thousand dollars worth of space? Register your domain. Then decide on your hosting plan. Google keywords getting people to you? Have you heard about filter bubbles? I hope so. Why does my Bluetooth go out frequently? Bluetooth speakers? No, thank you. (UPDATE: Do you have the latest update?) ((Security improvements.))

Wireless was a game changer. Wireless is always following me. Have you spoken with Alexa lately? Are you being tracked wherever it is you go? Are your files all backed up in the cloud? Is it cloudy overhead? Please, clean up your desktop. Do you need to dust your desktop IRL? Be sure to back up your files on the hard drive(s). Be sure to drink your Ovaltine. (Your video will begin after this advertisement.)*

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