Slow, fast. Fast, fast, slow.

You wear a lot of hats as an independent designer. You do a lot of design tasks through any given day, week, month, year. From high level concept to nitty gritty production. All of these tasks you’re more than capable of handling. That’s what got you here after all. But some you’re able to do faster than others. Some take more thought, effort, and time. But the ones you can do with your eyes closed, those you can knock out in no time. It could be a poster you can instantly see before you open your computer. Or going through thousands of photos and finding the best ones lickity split. The slower tasks, while part of the job and perhaps even enjoyable, you do those with the necessary mental fortitude and then you move on when able. Taken altogether as one collection of design day tasks—the slow and fast, the fast and slow—all adds up to getting things done, one thing at a time.