Right now social media is a battlefield

In this moment, at this time, the social media platforms at our finger tips, these are not friendly connection devices for a passive, contented age of abundance and security. NO! They are the battlefields of a society working itself out when it comes to the great questions of who matters and how we treat each other.

We are at great odds. We are divided, uncertain, dumbfounded, confused, and angry. YES! We are angry. This is an age of absurdity and fantasy. Evidence? Pay it no mind. Data? Pay it no mind. Facts? Pay none of them any mind. Our brains are scratched, our morale constantly agitated, our future looking more bleak than beautiful if the calculations from scientists with their evidence and their data and their facts hold.

The anti-democratic forces are at work. The corporations do not care. The hackers, Russian and otherwise, will not stop. The rich will not save us. The groundswell from the bottom is our only hope. For beauty, for truth, for the future. The battle is raging and will continue to do so. Enough cat pics and celebrity. These times call for more. Much more.