Portfolios, Social Networks, Resumés, Timesheets, Scopes, Invoices, Oh My

Last week I spoke with the Senior Capstone students in design at Creighton University. A casual presentation and discussion around working as a designer today. Mostly from a freelance/independent point of view, we pulled back some of the curtain.

Aside from going through my portfolio site and talking about the logistics behind some of the decisions made, we also dove deep into tracking time, putting together proposals, defending against scope creep, and getting paid. It was time well spent. I’ve never really discussed these topics in such detail before in a group setting. Two hours went by rather quickly.

It does play into something I’ve thinking more and more about, especially as it relates to discussing design with young designers and students. And that’s design as a career. I don’t think you should go into design if you don’t see it as a career. It is not a job. It’s much more. It requires more time. More effort. More blood, sweat, tears. It is not 9–5. But it also doesn’t have to be 80 hours week. 

Your career in design is meant for you, young designer, to design it. Your philosophy, your journey, your work ethic, your attitude, and your persistence. It’s there for you, and it’s ready for you to make it what you will, if you’re up for it. And not everybody is, which is completely okay. But if you are, it’ll be difficult but it’s totally worth it. The ride is turbulent, but if you hold on, you’ll be glad you did.