Out of Office Reply

Vacation time cometh. It has been on the radar for quite some time and now it is almost at hand. Time to reset, take in some culture, some history and spend adventure time with my wife. In the four years being independent, I’ve taken a standard amount of vacations, but it’s never easy. So much to take care, responsibilities to be responsible for and no one to pass off work to. At my first job in agency land, I could wipe my hands clean and head out the door to a completely work-free mindspace. Now, the break is less distinct in the midst of a longview of deadlines, revisions, next steps, kickoffs and wrap ups. Definitely good problems to have, but for me, it does reiterate that this isn’t an easy profession. It’s a challenge in its time management, relationship building and, of course, the need to consistently come up with something creative that’s good. But you can’t let those things get to you, right? When it’s time to vacation you better vacation like it’s going outta style.