When I used to say “we don’t have TV” it meant something. Because we didn’t. My mid-20s were absent many things. TV series, cable news, sports, commercials. None of it. What I did to make sense of the world was read. The internet, books, magazines, newspapers.

Having grown up in a “TV household,” going through my days without a television was liberating. We still don’t pay for cable but we have all the other stuff; Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon, etc. So we get our fix of the latest in this golden age of television. And we find a way to watch some sports, which I seem to be embracing in my late 30s. Thus, we get some commercials. But what is still absent? Cable news.

Outside of a doctor’s office, I rarely ever see cable news. And the occasional clip of nonsense I find on Twitter. Maybe you should try it, hey? No CNN or MSNBC? (Fox News is shit so I assume you don’t watch it.) If you watch cable news, just stop. No more. Read instead. Or watch PBS.

There, all better?