On the Internet

The over-loading feeling of it all. The over-dramatized, over-marketized, over-simplified nature of everything online. It’s everywhere, all over us in all aspects of our lives—communicating, banking, traveling, managing, shopping, organizing—but when will we before over it?

There’s an app for this, an app for that, but I’m wondering more and more if there’s an answer out there for the shine having worn off. Not only are we tired of constant connection, but we’re afraid of it. Afraid of being misled, deceived, robbed, or ruined, whatever our fear is in the world of the digital, the real-world consequences are just that: real.

I used to not be able to imagine a future without the Internet. Now I wish I could. All the ease of access has now given way to an unease of the self:

  • Who’s watching?

  • Who’s plotting?

  • Who’s manipulating?

  • Who’s after us?

Am I paranoid? You bet your ass I am. You should be, too. The implications for the Internet have been “loading” in our collective conscious for awhile now. The question is, once loaded, will we be able to recognize the true costs in order to implement a true response. If we don’t, there’s a feeling that we’ll just keeping spinning, on and on, in fear and suspicion, forever.