On Sports

Well I certainly have watched a lot of sports this year. Way more than usual. A regular “sports guy” here.

In my adulthood to this point, I’ve never been big on sports, going years without watching any games, matches, or rivalries. Of anything. I was schooled at the University of Nebraska where Husker football rules. While I was a student, I never went to a single game. It was something I knew wasn’t my thing. But I did like knowing it was happening and was the source of happiness for other people. It was their thing, and that was great. 

But this year, I’ve been into NCAA March Madness, the NBA Finals, the College World Series, and now the World Cup. Tournaments, am I right? So much on the line, so much pressure, so much culmination. The best of the best, competing on the highest of stages. And specifically with the World Cup, it’s really something to behold. 

Why so much sports? 

Because it’s easy. I have no team. No dog in the fight. I’m simply there to enjoy the spectacle. No lead up, no post game. Just the thing I’m watching at that precise moment. And then it’s over. I sit there, either solo or with others, and watch a game unfold. Often in very compelling ways. Hooting and hollering at times, appreciating the skill on display. It’s proven to be a nice distraction from politics, work, responsibilities, etc. 

When the game (or match) is over, everything is left on the field. Wrapped up in a neat little bow in the form of a final score. Done and done, on to the next. Every. Single. Time.

I like that.

So does the New York Times.