Off to Schuyler, Again

How do we build an inclusive community through volunteerism? How do we bridge culture and age barriers with community pride?

This past weekend my wife Katie and I found ourselves in Schuyler, Nebraska for another visioning facilitation for a group of community leaders. In the fall of 2015 we conducted 6 sessions for the Schuyler Media Network. Now we’re looking at the possibilities community volunteering could lead to with the Center for Rural Affairs. One daylong session with 11 participants that will be followed by a final presentation where we deliver our Strategic Plan for a new non-profit called Schuyler Is Home. 

The session, which took place on Saturday at the St. Benedict Center, was incredibly successful. I cannot tell you enough how impressed we were with the ideas, the thinking, and the solutions these Schuyler residents put out there in just 6 short hours. So much hard work and so much effort. Time flew by. We completed all the group work ahead of schedule and we’re extremely excited to pull everything together into a final plan of vision and action.

Working with Katie again on something like this is always a good time. She really brings her best to whatever she does. And we are both highly confident that this non-profit will be able to start on a solid footing because of the hard work this small group of committed individuals put in on a random Saturday in the middle of rural America.