No dogs, no ponies, and certainly no Billy McFarlands

I don’t pitch. The collaborators I work with, we don’t pitch. There’s nothing any potential client will be exposed to in a pitch that will be any more valuable than simply reviewing past projects and then having an honest conversation about what working together would look like for the parties involved.

I just don’t like the idea of doing a dog and pony show in order to be “awarded” a project. And I certainly am not going to sell you all your hopes and dreams in a neat little package that contains sun, sand, surf, and beautiful women. This ain’t no Fyre Festival.

When it comes to working with new people on exciting and challenging ideas, I like to think we have a track record of working hard, doing solid work, and delivering on budget and (mostly) on time. In the working world of design I want to operate in, I expect that to be enough.