Mutually Assured Critique

Critique is good. It’s a big part of being a designer. It also can be what makes the job extremely challenging. Like anyone, I do not have all the answers, can be wrong about things,and sometimes need to be pushed to fully realize an idea. So I welcome collaborative working relationships and feedback that moves us all to where the project needs to be. Because I’ve had so many of these solid relationships that have made me a better creative, when the critique comes with large amounts of micromanaging and the digging in of stubborn heals, let’s say I’m less enthused about it.

Every point of change is confrontational. For example, someone says make the logo bigger, someone else says make the logo smaller. And then it’s time to collaborate. No designer worth his or her salt rolls over and just makes the logo bigger. I’ve been thinking of it as “mutually assured critique.” Everyone hears from everyone on the necessary review points of the making. And there is no trump card. That’s how most of my collaborative, successful projects get executed. You could say I’m now just making it official.