Internet Fatigue

It is, in fact, insanely easy to do things on the Internet. And this Xennial knows what life was like before its speed and connectivity. When you had to always call people on the phone or show up in person. We tried to schedule a small tour in our punk band back in college, before the Internet was effortlessly used for such things. And it sucked. Mail, phone, mail, call. Hated it. 

But, since it’s so easy to do things on the Internet, you just pile on more things. And now, with the pile so high, I just have an immense amount of Internet fatigue. Gotta book the car, find the hotels, schedule the windows consultation, pay the bills, add design work, buy the tickets, check the schedule, accept the invite, read the news, read the latest news, read the latest latest news, and, of course, Tweet and Tweet and Tweet and... Everything rolled into one...

Internet fatigue is very real. Boy is it real.