In Person

In the day-to-day, the foundational method of communication is email. From there, Slack for easy workflow messaging back and forth, Hangouts (or Skype) for video calls, and a host of design tools for iterating and feedback. And there’s the almighty phone to talk it all through. These are all so key. But when appropriately timed, the in-person meeting does reign supreme. (When poorly timed, the only thing being in person is good for is a high five.) Being present, in human form, free from screens, echoes, or freeze ups, is where everyone realizes we’re all just people trying to create something together. We feel the energy, understand the stakes, and can get into each other’s rhythm. When this happens, the emails, hangouts, and phone calls hum along at a steadier clip. It can be easy to keep it all digital because it seems more efficient. But we must never forget, when the need arises, when harmony is the goal, the in-person approach is the best way to go.