If Facebook went away tomorrow...

... that wouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s become a place I look upon with mild annoyance and snark. I don’t take it seriously and while I like the people I’m connected to on the platform, it’s something akin to a shot of Jägermeister these days. Sure, it used to be amazing but now it just tastes too soupy. Maybe it always did. 

Twitter however, even though Twitter pisses me off in big ways, if Twitter went away tomorrow, that would be a bad thing. Despite the strange feature updates, its odd policies around cyber bullying, and the way it can be like a cesspool of hate, Twitter is still super valuable. So much so, that it would be better if it was just a public utility. A part of the government that had real rules and guidelines for engagement. These rules would be enforced and people would adhere to them, even far right nut jobs (yes, even @realDonaldTrump), because the fact of everyone being in one place talking about the big things that are being talked about is something that cannot be passed up.

In this universe of Twitter as public utility, it would have to go through a redesign. Too many people don’t “get” it. And it’s currently just too, I don’t know, round. It’d be a massive project that would need to involve more perspectives than the makers of Twitter have now. If done right, it would be the new CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite where everybody tunes in and everybody is talking about the same things, at least more than we do now. Young and old, black and white, liberal and conservative. All in one place together. All being heard, all having a voice, all sharing the same reality.