How’s your confidence level?

Is it high? Low? Somewhere in between? In the middle? I like that one. I prefer things in the middle; cities, careers, processes, books.

If you have low confidence, it’s really hard to be in the design profession. You have to make big decisions based on what you think will happen in the future and you have to convince others to go to that place you think you’re heading, together. You need some level of confidence for that.

However, high confidence, I have a problem with. In working relationships, if you’re confidence is always high I really don’t want to work with you. Period. Why? Because as everyone knows, when you’re creating something new not everything goes right. And I think that should be made known along the way in the process. Just glossing over things with over-confidence? I think that does a disservice to the work, to the client, and to the creatives involved. When confidence is high, that’s too close to a dishonest approach to problem-solving for me.

For my work and the teams I’m on, I want people who work hard and are reliable. But I also want honesty, not a constantly rosy sales pitch where everything is the best always and forever. That’s too close to conman for my liking.