How you gonna change the world?

Lots on this topic of late amongst designers. Here are some of my thoughts. A working list. To any graphic designer who is interested in changing the world with design:

  1. Do no harm. If you are working on projects for big oil, big pharma, or any known quantity of companies that pollute, oppress, lie, or exclude, then stop. 
  2. Again, no harm. No work for any brands who amplify a world that makes racism, sexism, ageism, militarism, mindless consumerism, or any other system of oppression seem acceptable.
  3. Check your privilege and standup for universal values: transparency, fairness, open-mindedness, creativity, and thinking critically.
  4. Infuse high standards into your day-to-day work. Use your voice. Be an outspoken advocate for equity and inclusion. 

And then:

  1. Make your own cause-focused design project. Poster, postcard, infographic, share graphic. Everything counts, everything matters. We see thousands of messages each day and we need more than the ones just asking us to buy something.
  2. Take on projects for organizations who need help. Start with the issues you care about. Find the people who are working on those issues. Reach out. Ask how you can help. 
  3. Teach your skills. To underserved youth, to older people changing careers, or anyone who doesn’t know what you know.
  4. Partner with a cause. Become the designer within a group of agitators. Be a part of the movement. Listen, help, design, etc.
  5. Make any number of these things, and whatever else you think fits into your mission to change the world, your thing. Full time.

Some good places to start. Some action-items to work through. Feel free to use, add to, or share.