How I spent my summer vacation

Wearing flip-flops on a regular basis. Getting way into tri-blend T-shirts. Being so bummed on True Detective but pretty stoked on Ballers. Listening to a lot of Modest Mouse, Atmosphere, and Purity Ring. Loving a wide selection of IPAs and sipping on some fine Tequila. Biking in most days to do some awesome coworking. Following Presidential ambitions from a safe distance. Prepping for a social justice poster exhibition. Prepping for an unconference presentation. Organizing a social justice poster show. Saying goodbye to Jon Stewart. Celebrating all sorts of stuff with my wife. Working on lots of brands. Lots of websites. Lots of campaigns. Kicking it with lots of fine folks over drinks. A little bit of swimming in a lake in Minnesota. Quite a few dog walks around the neighborhood. And just enjoying these long, humid days of summa-summa-summa- time.