How are things?

An alternative to good, frustrating, or busy. Some qualifiers:

How are things going in the culture you’re living in? How’s your street? Your neighborhood? Your city? 

Local or national, how are the politics as you’re seeing them? What would you like them to be?

How’s your work going? Is the day-to-day treating you well? How’s your career looking these days?

In your personal life, are you growing? Are you fulfilled? Are you living the life you want to live? 

I don’t like small talk. Who does? But I often peddle small talk without giving it much thought. It’s like a default. Which bums me out. So I want to be more intentional about my interactions. Having these 4 buckets top of mind, big and broad, I think gives enough of a prompt while allowing the details to be filled in depending on the person you’re talking with. Getting to more meaningful, casual conversation is something I’m concerned with. I can see this setup helping get there.