Go. Vote. Please.

Decisions, decisions. It’s the midterm elections in 3 weeks. The sort of elections no one seems to give a shit about. Some people are too preoccupied with the Walking Dead (myself included) or college football season. There’s Halloween coming up, then Thanksgiving. Ebola, ISIS or new John Oliver episodes. America is a funny place. I love it and I don’t in the same sentence. Climate change? Climate change denial? At least can we agree that voting is really important and we should be falling all over ourselves to make sure as many people in this country can vote as possible? We say we want people to vote, right? Then why don’t we act like it? America, so full of contradictions. Let’s pretend we’re going to try and appeal to our better selves on this. Let’s get excited about democracy not Congress. Our country as a whole not the other side we don’t like. And the sacred right to vote, not the belittling of people who disagree with us. I’ll try really hard to do this as well. And let’s get out the vote!