Get in there and figure it out

It can be tempting to try to have everything figured out before you start to design. Or to talk it all through until there’s nothing more to discuss. And then everything will work itself out. This is, in my experience, quite preposterous. I’m not saying to go in without a plan. But when it comes to design, the only way to really get it done is to just get in there and do it. Get after it, go down the rabbit hole, get lost in tangents, and when it all needs to get pulled together, then use your blood, sweat, and tears to pull it all together. Goddamn it, this is how shit gets done! It doesn’t get done by talking, wishing, looking, contemplating, emailing, texting, slacking, or whatever else we do to put off the doing. Especially not going to another meeting. Never has that ever worked. To get the design work done, you simply have to do the design work. End of story.