Feeling like you just can’t take your eye off it

Because if you do, it could all crumble. If you don’t send the follow up email, no work comes in. If you don’t stay up to all hours until the concept is nailed, you’ll never get it done. If you don’t update your portfolio, people will think you’re a one trick pony. If you don’t watch those latest Creative Cloud tutorials, don’t learn Sketch, you’re going to fall behind. Don’t learn to code, become obsolete. Don’t push the envelope, you’re going to hate yourself.

If you forget to track your mileage, you won’t get that deduction. Miss the latest networking event, you’ll drop off people’s radar. Not always checking email? Well then the next big thing is going to pass you by. And if you aren’t keeping yourself up at night, you just aren’t letting the work become all-consuming enough.

If you don’t take this low paying project for this interesting thing, you’ll never work on anything interesting ever again. Don’t say yes to everything, the requests will start to dry up. Don’t get more work, gonna have to find a real job. Don’t watch anymore independent films, become boring and drab. Don’t subscribe to this podcast, become stuck in your ways. Don’t listen to that latest vinyl album that’s all the rage, well then you just aren’t hip. And if you forget to watch the new Daily Show, you won’t be on the pulse.

And on and on. Even though all of this is exaggerated, for the most part, there’s a bit of truth there. Which is why trying to disconnect can be such a challenge, especially when life can blend so easily into work. The one thing that is fact, and something you should keep in mind regardless: If you don’t start somewhere, you’ll never finish anywhere.