Fed up? Start there.

Are you mad about the way things are? Beside yourself with “the way it is?” Over status quo? Excellent. That’s your starting point. Where you go next, that’s up to you.

But I will say one thing about the direction you shouldn’t take. Please, for the love of god, do not go with this:

 I’m also so mad about the way some people involved are going about what I think needs to be done and I just know they are wrong and therefore I am going just be difficult and a naysayer.

Do not do this. Unless you don’t want to be effective. And if you haven’t heard, being effective is the name of the game. Not spouting off, whining about what someone else is doing, and then sitting at home.

Maybe this means complaining online about the direction a design community is taking. Or the way a nonprofit community is missing glaring issues. Or the way a political community isn’t taking hard enough stances. If you take the least effective path of not utilizing your time and treasure to improve the situation, well, then you are part of the problem. Not neutral, but negative.

Because the stakes are high and we can’t afford to have your energy sitting out because the picture isn’t exactly want you want to see. No, enough of that nonsense.

Paint another fucking picture. The time is now.