Fake Fake Fake just ain’t a game I play

Thinking back to that first press conference the president-elect gave. The one with the stacks of paper that turned out to all be blank. Just another dog and pony show for the masses.

That press conference gave us the first real sense we were about to go on a terrible ride. It was also the first time he used the term “fake news.” As we all know, fake news is a real thing. It’s a terrible thing we have to deal with on the internet, but for the most part it remained on the fringes or with weirdos on Facebook. But now we have a complete idiot taking the term for himself and using it to attack his enemies in the press. Who he refers to as the “enemies of the people,” which is absolutely disgusting. How there have been no real consequences to the now president for the use of these terms is something that should concern us all.

How is he allowed to get away with all of this? Why is it okay for him to operate in this way? Will there ever be any consequences for the language he uses?

Sadly, we may never know because we’re all too busy bracing ourselves for the next blow. And frankly, we’re all getting exhausted.