Everything is not in neat little bows

The design process leads to an end result that is clear and concise. Many times it appears simple and easy to understand. If this happens, it’s a sign of a job well done. However, this can also feed into the myth that the end result was as easy to create as it is to understand. This is not the case. There are no neat little bows. Even a clearly defined process is accompanied by the messy, the untidy and the round-and-round. There are the times of blank screens, creative block and feeling uninspired as well as the never-ending email chains, missed deadlines, scope creep, misaligned expectations, drawn out projects and so on. Rarely are things smooth because creating something out of nothing with other people is tough business. Learn to love the untidy and appreciate the back-and-forth. Not only for sanity’s sake, but held onto long enough, the swirling round-and-round is where the magic happens.