At the end of last year I was talking with a good friend about the intention of this blog and my year of words. The core idea I landed on was that I wanted to paint an honest picture of my experiences with independent design. Both the great and the not-so-great, the really exhilarating and the pains in the asses. All about the duality of this creative thing people get paid to do for a living. Amidst the failed ideas, budget battles, incoming 1099s, and workflow frustrations are the unexpected solutions, clients who brighten your day, apps that make life easier, and the rush of sitting down to make something beautiful. Not too rosy, not too bleak, right in the middle. In no way do I want people to think all is gold and in no way do I want to come off as complaining about stuff. I just want to tell you what I know from first hand experience. Straight up. All in the hopes of learning from successes and failures.